Sean Robbins: Portland Real Estate Entrepreneur

Sean Robbins has founded a number of different businesses in Portland, Oregon. On this site we will talk about everything you need to know about Sean Robbins. A serious entrepreneur based in both Portland as Newport Beach.

Note that this is a personal blog about Sean Robbins, residing in the city of Portland. For our official site, you can go and visit: seanrobbinsportland.com

Who is Sean Robbins?

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Sean graduated from UCLA in 2004. He graduated receiving Cum Laude Honors. After his studies, he began to learn everything there is about real estate marketing, while helping precess residential mortgages. This is how it all started for him.

At the young age of 20, he already bought his first property with his brother Colin.

Later he founded Blackhawk Capital Group, a full service real estate and mortgage brokerage. Their headquarters is based in Newport Beach, CA. But he has also different companies that are based in Portland, CA. For example Vantage Home.

You can find more information on his LinkedIn Profile.

About Blackhawk Capital Group

What initially started as a small real estate company, quickly grew to a full-service real estate and mortgage brokerage. The firm has grown a lot over the years. Sean has served as the CEO of this company and has represended hundreds of prestigious clients as a real estate agent.

In 2021, Blackhawk has expanded into multiple states (for example in Portland, Oregan and Newport Beach, CA). In total he has driven more than $500 million in real estate transactions.

This blog will be frequently updated with more news about Sean Robbins, the Portland-based real estate investor.

My Companies: Short Explanation

Sean Robbins has started more than a dozen companies over the last year. Here’s a short overview of all the companies he has started so far (besides Blackhawk Capital Group, which is explained above).

Resource Wrap: Probably one of his favorite companies, since he can give back to the community. Of course there are already a lot of nonprofits that exist for helping the homeless. Resource Wrap is a registered food bank. You can read more about why we started resource wrap here.

Sierra Peak Investment: This company is a privately held investment management firm. The headquarter is located in Newport Beach, California. This company invests in interesting real estate opportunities on behalf of our private investors, institutions and some investment advisors.

Equity West Capital: This company is a unique investment companty that will invest in destressed real estate opportunities, that sitll have inherent value-add potential. The company was launched in 2010 by an experienced management team with a lot of experience in real estate.

Property MAX: This is a locally owned company that is operated by real estate professionals who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our goal here is to guarantee that you get a fair price for your home and that the transaction went smoothly.

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